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Community Service

At Paladin Academy, our goal is to challenge every student to meet a standard of excellence in everything they do, not just in academics. Eighth graders and all high school students must complete a minimum number of community service hours in order to graduate. As they do so, students develop real-world skills and a sense of accomplishment as they give back to the community.

Students meet the community service requirement by volunteering at a non-profit or charitable institution. Work for the student’s family or business will not be accepted. The HandsOnBroward website is one great source to find service opportunities by date, age, interest, location and more. Families and students should start early to secure volunteer positions, since many students at other schools will need to meet similar requirements.

If there is any doubt if an organization will meet the requirements, please call the office to inquire. Additional information can be obtained on Edline.

Middle School Standard Diploma Requirements

Students must complete 10 hours of community service during the final year of middle school in order to graduate and start high school. To receive credit for service, submit a letter on official letterhead from the organization or use the 8th Grade Community Service Submission Form.

High School Requirements

In order to receive class credits and graduate, students must complete a minimum of 20 hours of community service each year, for a total of at least 80 hours over the course of the high school years. Exceeding the basic 80-hour requirement may be beneficial for college acceptance and scholarships. To receive credit for service, submit a letter on official letterhead from the organization or use the High School Community Service Submission Form. For more details, see the High School Course Catalog. This requirement includes both Standard and Vocational Diploma paths.