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Middle School

In middle school, students face a challenging time as they become more self-aware and seek more independence. Our program is designed to help children take ownership of their specific academic situations while offering them access to every possible resource needed to achieve their goals in high school.

Unique features of our middle school program include:

  • Ongoing remediation balanced with preparation for the greater independence required in high school
  • Small class sizes with 12:1 student ratio
  • Course material presented using an evidence-based, multi-sensory instructional approach
  • Inclusive academic environment
  • Ongoing formative and summative assessments to monitor student growth
  • Remediation of students who learn differently in language arts and mathematics, meeting the child where they are and working with them to advance
  • Focus on accountability, time management, study and organizational skills that will be critical to future success
  • Use of assistive technology to help each child
  • Development of key skills to become independent learners
  • Exposure to all academic areas including sciences, social studies, fine arts, music and more
  • Graduating students advancing into our high school program are not required to complete the State of Florida FCAT or End of Course (EOC) exams, a challenge for many struggling learners

Students may seek middle school graduation following one of two paths:

Standard Diploma – This track follows an individualized academic approach for students seeking to pursue a college prep curriculum in high school. It is targeted for students who plan to pursue a four-year college degree after high school.

Certificate of Completion – This vocationally-centered track begins to prepare students for work and independent living after high school. This track provides a solid academic preparation for those who are unable to meet the requirements of a standard diploma, and is pursued by a minority of our students.