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ACT & SAT Testing

College Entrance Exams

The SAT and ACT are performance exams designed to judge a student’s academic knowledge. Students should plan to take the SAT and/or ACT at least once before June of their Junior year. Taking one of these exams and obtaining a satisfactory score is critical to the college entry process. It is also a requirement of the State of Florida Bright Futures Scholarship.

Students do not automatically take these exams while enrolled at Paladin Academy. It is up to parents and students to make the decision to prepare, register and take these exams. In addition, families should not confuse the SAT with the Stanford 10 (SAT 10) exam. These are two completely different testings.

A common question many families have is: Which test should be taken? The SAT or the ACT?  Paladin Academy has recommends that students take each exam once and judge for themselves. Often many students at our school have success when taking the ACT due to the way questions are presented.

These exams can be repeated by the students as many time as they like, though by the 3rd attempt most agree the highest scores have likely already been achieved. Individuals wanting to take the exam again should have it already scheduled before returning to school in August of their Senior year.

In order for scores to be recorded you must present Paladin Academy’s school ID for both exams! Our ID is: 100-673

Requesting Accommodations

Both the ACT and the SAT and most colleges allow students to request accommodations provided there is a documented learning challenge. For students with a diagnosed with Dyslexia, ADD or ADHD this can mean extended time when taking exams or other assistance. Often times this includes a current psychological report within the past three years.  Families are encouraged to start early in order to ensure they have the necessary documentation to request accommodations. This is a valuable resource and we recommend scheduling a meeting with an administrator to discuss this process.